Thursday, 29 November 2012

Crafty Christmas Crochet and Doily Gift Wrap

It seems two minutes since Belle and I were doing Christmas Crafts last year!  I have been meaning to try out crochet for ages and now seemed the perfect time as I wanted to make some little Christmas Decorations and also add them as gift tags to presents.  So I searched YouTube for a snowflake crochet tutorial, found one and gave it a go.  This was my first ever attempt at crochet and I have fallen in love with it!

This was my first ever attempt at crochet so be nice...

Simple Christmas Doily Gift Wrap:

Last year I used brown paper and string with a candy stripe theme for my Christmas Gift Wrap.  I still have tons of brown paper left so thought I would try something a bit different with it using paper doilies.  What you need:

Brown Paper
Jute/Twine/String or Wool
Paper or crochet doilies (paper are obviously much cheaper)
Scissors and tape
Plus any other ribbon or embellishments you want to add

 There are tons of different ways you can use the doily but I just love the lace affect it has.  You can add embellishments such as buttons or ribbon or cameo's.  You can also add accents of whatever colour scheme you want.  Here are some more idea's for you which I quickly put together:

I am sure I will be doing many more crafts before Christmas, with Belle too, so I will post them as and when if you want to see more.  

Hope you are all wrapping up warm this weekend, it is going to be a cold one in England apparently


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Monday, 19 November 2012

Children in Need and Baby Pudsey Bear

Children in Need is always very nostalgic for me.  It reminds me of being allowed to stay up late as a child (I'd always fall asleep) and fantastic memories of fundraising activities at school.  This year Belle was very excited by it and for the first time understood what it was about.

Can you spot Baby Boo?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sibling Love and Jealousy

The biggest surprise to me on this journey of being a mummy to more than one has been seeing the love between Belle and Boo.

Belle has amazed me in ways I didn't think possible.  All my anxieties I had before Boo arrived have been smashed.

My heart melts when I see them together, the way Boo looks for her when he hears her voice and how Belle, at just 3 years old, can make him smile.  She has not shown one ounce of jealousy towards him, she runs to him when he cries and talks so softly to him.

I really think the age gap has helped.  Not only because Belle can take herself to the toilet and wash her hands etc (so it is very easy on mummy) but because she completely understands everything and is so proud to be a big sister.  Because of this she hasn't batted an eyelid to the fact Boo is getting a lot of attention.  Family have been fantastic too, bringing gifts for her as well as her brother, which I was so pleased about.  Grams and Papa (her favourite people in the world!!) were also wary of fussing Boo too much in front of her without involving her.  We also included her in the pregnancy from very early on so she wanted him to be here for quite a while.  We had books about being a big sister and talked a LOT about it.

I felt very emotional for the first few weeks, mainly at night when Belle was tucked into bed (mixture of hormones too I am sure!!) worrying all the time that I was 'cooing' over boo too much and Belle would feel left out and upset.  I was very careful not to fuss him too much when she was there, without including her.  I would be talking to him and kissing him and then say 'I think he wants a hug from his big sister' and she would jump to do it and always beam a great big smile at this!  

It's all about involving the first born in the little things you do.  Which I know isn't always easy as you are sleep deprived and worn out at this stage, but now, with boo at 6 weeks old, Belle will just be playing away when people fuss him and it is normal life for her now.  She is her normal content, bubbly little self.

All these little things help, I believe. Or maybe she would have been like she is anyway, who really knows. But I do know that I blooming love these two!  

Truly blessed.