Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Birth Story of Baby Boo

Friday's child is loving and giving  

On Friday the 21st of September our darling boy was born weighing 7lb 12oz.  Words can not explain what an amazing (and short) labour and birth we had, with no pain relief and no aftercare needed.  In fact they wanted to send me home just an hour later!  So many factors contributed to this and I will go on to explain them but having two amazing birth partners was SO important.  My mum, who reminded me of what I wanted and the labour I had planned, gave me moral support and got rid of cramp in my leg (she was also armed with pic n' mix to keep me going).  And my husband who also reminded me of what I wanted, was there to massage my back, reminded me to 'breathe' and also helped get rid of cramp in my leg :)  They were just amazing!  This pair should seriously be Doulas!

Braxton Hicks or the real deal contractions?
I had been getting crazy braxton hicks since 5 months pregnant.  I would get tons a day.  It was annoying but I saw it as a good thing as it was my body preparing.  I had been taking Raspberry leaf tea since 28 weeks as it is thought it helps prepare the uterus for labour, so perhaps this had something to do with it.

In the early hours of the morning, around 2am I was getting what felt like braxton hicks every 20 minutes.  By 5am they had started to go around to my back.  I just knew by 6am that this was THE day.  Things happened exactly the same way as they did with Belle and at exactly the same time of morning too.

I got up, showered, put my clothes on which I had set aside for this moment (an easy access long black skirt and black strappy top with cardi).  I left Hubby and Belle to sleep as I thought they (well hubby anyway) would need it.  By 7:30am my contractions had stepped up a gear so I called my mum and dad and they headed over to join us all.  I was still very excited at this point as I was coping with the contractions and although painful I could still eat breakfast, chat and laugh.

By 9am we had a house full of my favourite people.  Me, Hubby, Belle, my mum and dad were all in our kitchen having a cuppa and I started to time my contractions.  They were every 3/4 minutes and about 40 seconds long so thought I best call the maternity ward.  They said I sounded very in control (although I did have to stop talking on the phone mid contraction, but the midwife understood!) so I could either come in or try and stay at home a bit longer.  I knew I wanted to stay at home as long as possible so I hung on.  By 10am they were getting very painful and coming every 2/3 minutes, I was using a basic birth breath by this time, which I had been taught at Daisy Birthing by my teacher, the lovely Steph.  I decided we should head in as we live 25 minutes away from the hospital.

So my husband and I set off in our car with my hospital bag and the baby bag and my mum followed in hers avec BIG birthing ball in the back.  My dad was minder for the day for Belle, which she was very excited about.

The hospital
We arrived at the hospital around 11am and we went through to the ward and waited for the midwife to examine me.  I was 4cm dilated and she said I was ready to go to the delivery room.  I really wanted a water birth but because my iron was low at my last 39 week check they wouldn't allow it.  I believe in fate and this was probably the best thing that could have happened as I had, quite possibly, the best midwife in the world it turned out.  Not that I would advise having low iron, it is very dangerous as you do bleed in labour obviously, so it is important to keep your iron levels up.

The Transition Phase
About an hour after being in the delivery suite I hit that transition phase (the last part of active labour).  It is the most intense phase of labour, contractions are very strong as your cervix tries to dilate to 10cm and the  baby descends more into your pelvis ready for the second stage of labour (the birth).  Some women yell at their partners in transition, blame them, swear (even women who never use foul language have been known to be very foul mouthed) and some say they don't want to carry on and want to go home! Of course some women also keep calm and collected.

So what did I do...I wanted pain relief!  It was the one thing I had told my birth partners I didn't want.  I had spent months doing yoga birth and knew I didn't want anything but gas and air.  I had it in my birth plan.  Don't get me wrong I have nothing against women who have pain relief and I have many many friends who have had great births with it but it was something I really had been adamant about.  Hubby and mum reminded me of my plan and I reacted by saying 'you are both ganging up on me'.  Then ten minutes later I was back on track again :)  I can't thank them enough for this.  It is SO important to have birth partners that know you and know what you really want!

The Waters?
So transition phase in full swing we were just waiting for my waters to go.  The midwife kept saying that as soon as they go she thinks there will be a baby following close behind.  My waters went in a very dramatic style with Belle and I was worried this lovely midwife was going to get drenched too (sorry for the tmi but it happens!).  My waters finally went, luckily in a less dramatic style, and suddenly the pain of the contractions went up a bit more and I was reminded to use my breathing techniques as well as gas and air.  Gas and Air was AMAZING for me and really helped me control my breathing.  Although it made me sick at first it really did help.

Birthing Positions
I had planned on having a water birth and active labour and I was lying on my back at this point so it went against everything I had planned.  But I felt very comfy this way and it felt 'right'.  I was worried as I knew gravity would help baby out so all fours or squatting would be best as those positions allow the pelvis to open up more.  I told my midwife I had not planned on having the baby lying down but that I was actually comfy (or as comfy as you can be when in labour!).  She told me to trust my body and that if I was happy there then I should stay.  So I did.

Trusting your body was something the midwife kept telling me, as did my yoga teacher and it is true ladies.  Our bodies are amazing and unless there are medical complications we should trust them to do what they are designed to do.  Listen to your body and trust it.

So my waters broke and I was suddenly getting that 'bearing down' feeling so I knew it was time to push.  I didn't even try to push, my body was just doing it for me.  I asked the midwife if it was OK to actively try pushing and she said 'if you feel like it, trust your body and do it'.  So again, I did!  She had so much confidence in me and it gave me that confidence to go with the flow!

7 minutes later (yep just 7 minutes of pushing!) and
I was (reasonably) calmly panting (with small pushes
on the midwifes instructions) out our little Baby Boo.
But before anything else a little hand came out and
grabbed the midwifes hand, she was shocked and I
do believe this was a first for her to experience too!

I will never forget the moment boo came out as my
husband made a comment 'aww look at her'...the
midwife told him he might want to check that...for
baby boo was in fact a boy!  His face was a picture,
we were all beaming!  For all those months I wanted
to find out the sex but I refrained and boy was it
worth the wait!

Our Dear Baby Boo

Sami darling, you came into this world and gave me an easy time with it.  I couldn't believe I had a little boy in my arms and I couldn't wait for your precious sister to meet you that day.  You had beautiful dark hair and you held your head up when daddy held you just minutes after coming into this world.  Our strong little man!  You have slotted into our little family just perfectly and none of us could imagine life without you.  You are such a giggly content little baby, we couldn't ask for more.


Mr Y and Grams, thank you so much for making that day in September such an amazing one.  It is hard to put into words how perfect it was, for everything exceeded my expectations, there is a huge warmth deeply seeded in my heart now with memories of that day.  Papa, thank you for looking after Belle and making things so enjoyable for her, the day she went from being an only child to a big sister.  It made things so easy and allowed me not to have 'guilt' over bringing her brother into this world.  Belle, you are simply the most beautiful, warm hearted, funny, bubbly, clever, cheeky and energetic little girl I could have wished for.  You have welcomed your baby brother into this world with open arms (and trillions of kisses!).  I am beyond proud of you my darling girl.  I feel truly blessed for my little family.

A ray of hope flickers in the sky 
A tiny star lights up way up high 
All across the land, dawns a brand new morn 
This comes to pass when a child is born 
(John Mathis. When a Child is born)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Oh Christmas Tree...

This year we decided to go for a real tree and made a day of it.  Myself, Mr Y, Belle and Boo all got wrapped up and headed to Plantation Lodge Farm in Castle Bytham to meet Grams and Papa (who were also picking their tree)

Seeing as it was our first real tree I was being a bit of a perfectionist but finally found 'the one' :) A nearly 7ft Fraser Fir.


I decided to go for a pale champagne gold with silver accents.  It is hard to see all the detail in these pictures but there are strands of pearls and beads under there too.  The ribbon was my favourite and that was Gisela Graham, a pain to tie in bows (I ended up sewing them) and the glitter gets everywhere, but it was fun!

Belle loved helping this year, even more than last year.  We also let her have her own small tree in her room, which she decorated herself completely.  It is lovely and bright with an eclectic mix of decorations!  

While I am on the subject of Belle, we were SO proud of her in her pre-school nativity play last week.  She was a shepherdess (her words not mine, little feminist in the making) and we could actually hear her singing amongst all the other children.  Boo also came along to watch his big sister but slept the whole way through, I was tempted to put him in the crib on the stage so he could play Baby Jesus :)

What a difference a year makes! Here's our little angel last year...