Tuesday, 8 January 2013

WaterWipes; The World's Purest Baby Wipe

It's not often I rave about products like this but I simply had to feature them as they really are fantastic.  All us mum's know that we should just be using water and cotton wool on our delicate baby's bottom but wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a wipe that was just the same?  How convenient would it be when you are out with your newborn not to have to bring cooled boiled water with you and a bunch of cotton wool?

Well now there is a wipe that is just that.

WaterWipes are 99.9% Water and 0.1% Fruit Extract (Grapefruit seed extract a natural skin conditioner and protector)

I was sent a bunch of these to try out on Baby Boo and WOW how I wish I had these 3 years ago with Belle.  Not once has Boo had nappy rash and he is now 3 months old and we are still using them.  The convenience of baby wipes with the purity of cotton wool and water!

I have already had so many mum's asking me where you can buy them when they have spotted me with them at weigh in clinic etc.

You can also buy very slim packs with just 10 wipes in which I love.  They are perfect for keeping in the changing bag when out and about!

If you fancy giving them a go WaterWipes are giving all my readers £5 off a 9 pack here using this code X4EHGSVD - at the end of your purchase.

Disclosure:  We were sent a few boxes of WaterWipes to review.  However I really love these and I now regularly buy them from our local Kiddicare.   I very rarely review things for such little value unless I think my readers should know about them and I think any new mummy should know about these!

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  1. Thanks! I will try them!! Do i order them for Kiddicare?
    Take care x