Monday, 22 April 2013

A Pink Cowgirl 4th Birthday Party

Our gorgeous girly has turned 4!
It only seems two seconds ago she was curled up in our arms, a little newborn bundle.
She is a little lady who knows what she wants and she wanted a pink cowgirl pony she got one!
She was very poorly on the day with a high temperature but she soldiered on (or saddled up should I say) and so the show went on...she amazed us! She always amazes us!

Love you baby girl!

Outside our house..the weather was rather cold and so the carport proved a very valuable space for grooming the ponies after all the girls had a ride

The popcorn bags were later filled up!

Cowgirl cookies for the cowgirls to take home, which we found on Bakerella, Cowgirl Loot, drinks in the watering hole and cowgirl trail mix (a mixture of raisins, smarties, pretzels and cheerios)

Pink Gingham tables fit for 15 little cowgirls and Belle's Jessie Cowgirl cake. Smores to eat and sheriff stars for all the girls

The Stokke Xplory got in on the cowgirl theme too and Spike loved all the attention he received from the guests!  After all the girls got a pony ride they were able to groom and decorate them, which they loved! We can really recommend The Cuddly Pony Party!  I found this amazing cowgirl bunting from Angels with Dirty Faces.

Cowgirl Wanted signs and pin the tail on the donkey for the girls to play.

 Cowboy Bibs for the two mini cowboys that attended

Flowers for the tables, teepee and party bags

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out too!

It was lovely seeing Belle with all her friends and even though she was poorly they all managed to cheer her up!

We wonder what next years request will be?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Baby's First Converse

How adorable are these tiny converse for Spike?

He seems to approve...

We couldn't leave out Belle of course...

Aren't tiny baby shoes just the cutest things?

Monday, 8 April 2013

A willow crib and the baby mattress dilemma solved!

I have always had a thing for traditional, good quality pieces of furniture.  When we moved to this house we knew we were expecting baby boo and so I kept an eye out for nursery furniture which was befitting with a modern cottage.

When I was contacted by Naturalmat about their cocomat and beautiful willow crib a couple months before boo was born it couldn't have been better timing.  Not only is the willow crib handmade from renewable willow crops, it is also larger and sturdier than any I have come across and it really does look timeless and elegant.  Well you can see for yourself and be the judge...

The pictures really don't do the size of this crib justice, it is really quite vast to look at in real life and measures L84cm x W48cm x H53cm...much bigger than your average moses basket!  The stand is also equally lovely quality, in folding pine with leather straps, and is super sturdy.

You can buy the willow crib, stand, bumper and coco mattress separately on the naturalmat website or as a bundle here.  As a bundle it comes in at £300, which isn't cheap but then you aren't buying a standard highstreet moses basket here with a pvc mattress.  Naturalmat also do custom sheet sizes to go with the mattress and waterproof protectors too, which are quite an essential with a newborn I would say.

This crib is recommended for up to 6 months and I think this is because babies can start to pull themselves up from this age and the sides are low compared to a cot.  However length wise this crib could last them a lot longer and boo is still not filling it (yet he outgrew his moses basket two months ago!)

Now that I have shown you this stunning crib, I will get onto what naturalmat are really known for, which is of course their organic handmade mattresses.

The Mattress

If you are anything like me I spent ages researching the best mattress for baby.  I did it with Belle 4 years ago and went through it all again with baby boo, scrawling the internet for the safest, most breathable, organic mattress on the market!  It is a minefield out there!

Naturalmat do a few different types of mattress for babies (and adults alike but I will concentrate on the baby mattresses).  There is the cocomat, latex mat, mohair mat and cashmere mat.  I went for the cocomat as it offers gentle support and is extremely breathable with excellent ventilation.  Which gives me that little extra piece of mind.

Sizing - Moses baskets and cribs from the highstreet, even some of the most expensive one's, always come with those horrible pvc mattresses which you just would not want baby to sleep on!  So then you are left with finding a new mattress to fit and sometimes it just can't be done.  Naturalmat have that covered too.  They offer a made to measure service and so are able to custom make any moses, crib or cot mattress size you want.  Whether it be rectangular, rounded, hexagonal or any odd shape, they can do it!

Comfort - The coco mattress feels very firm to touch and I did worry about this but Baby boo certainly has no complaints! He has always been a fantastic sleeper and now at 6 months he still sleeps in this crib by the side of our bed at night. 

Organic - The thing that makes these mattresses the real deal for me is the fact they are completely organic!  By organic I do not mean 80% organic or just the cotton covers, like so many claim, but everything! The problem with mattresses is that since it is law they are flame resistant many chemicals are put into them to ensure this.  The cocomat uses locally sourced lambswool tufting instead of any chemicals as it can resist flames due to its high moisture and nitrogen content therefore making a naturally fire resistant mattress! 

The core - The core of this mattress is made from organic coir (coir comes from coconuts, it's basically coconut fibre).  There are many benefits of this:

  • Great Sprin and support properties 
  • Amazingly resilient and durable 
  • Naturally anti-dust mite which means it is perfect for all allergy sufferers 
  • Breathable/superb ventilation
  • Organic and sustainable - a truly eco product!

Notes - Due to baby boo being a tummy sleeper I have always been paranoid about leaving him for nap times, so we decided to buy the angel baby monitor.  This monitor works very well under this mattress and picks up movement perfectly!

Disclosure:  For the purpose of this review we were given the willow crib and mattress bundle to keep.  However all views and opinions expressed are my own