Monday, 22 April 2013

A Pink Cowgirl 4th Birthday Party

Our gorgeous girly has turned 4!
It only seems two seconds ago she was curled up in our arms, a little newborn bundle.
She is a little lady who knows what she wants and she wanted a pink cowgirl pony she got one!
She was very poorly on the day with a high temperature but she soldiered on (or saddled up should I say) and so the show went on...she amazed us! She always amazes us!

Love you baby girl!

Outside our house..the weather was rather cold and so the carport proved a very valuable space for grooming the ponies after all the girls had a ride

The popcorn bags were later filled up!

Cowgirl cookies for the cowgirls to take home, which we found on Bakerella, Cowgirl Loot, drinks in the watering hole and cowgirl trail mix (a mixture of raisins, smarties, pretzels and cheerios)

Pink Gingham tables fit for 15 little cowgirls and Belle's Jessie Cowgirl cake. Smores to eat and sheriff stars for all the girls

The Stokke Xplory got in on the cowgirl theme too and Spike loved all the attention he received from the guests!  After all the girls got a pony ride they were able to groom and decorate them, which they loved! We can really recommend The Cuddly Pony Party!  I found this amazing cowgirl bunting from Angels with Dirty Faces.

Cowgirl Wanted signs and pin the tail on the donkey for the girls to play.

 Cowboy Bibs for the two mini cowboys that attended

Flowers for the tables, teepee and party bags

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out too!

It was lovely seeing Belle with all her friends and even though she was poorly they all managed to cheer her up!

We wonder what next years request will be?


  1. Oh wow! That looks amazing! Love the pretty bunting and the cookie mix jars!
    My little ones are both June babies with 5 days between birthdays we are looking at joint ones while they are so young - so far we've had the hungry caterpillar and The Gruffalo. This year we've had a few requests but looks like it will be superheroes!

  2. This is such a great party theme, I loved seeing the photos on Instagram. What a lucky girly. And well done on all the lovely little creative touches. Party planning for little people is so much fun. x

  3. Hello, that is the prettiest party scene ever! Beautiful...Happy Birthday to your little girl. Charlotte :0)