Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A rare PJ day

 Belle and Boo are both poorly so we have had a rare couple of days in, with lots of cuddles...

We even baked some healthy peanut butter oat snacks

I hate seeing our babies poorly but it really does put everything into perspective.

I have days where I feel everything is out of control.  Running around trying to balance everything from school pick up to housework, to clubs and play dates, to meals and bedtime routines, not to mention answering the hundreds of questions Belle incessantly asks, daily.  This is all whilst trying to give quality time and instill confidence and security in my children.  

Sometimes I can not wait for them both to be tucked up in bed.

A day in the life of a mother!

But guess what...the world waited yesterday. 

When your children are poorly nothing else matters.  

So give me a million more stressed out 'juggling days'.  

Please give me years and years more of Belle's questions, because I can not think of any better way of spending my time then for that of Belle and Boo.

They are amazing.

When I see the love they have for each other. When I see the caring way Belle looks out for Boo already.  When I see them having fun with their friends and when they laugh and giggle.  It is all worthwhile.

I am so unbelievably, eternally, grateful for them and their health

Friday, 10 May 2013

Silver Cross Pink Dolls Pram

When I had Belle, and recently Boo, I longed for a Silver Cross Balmoral Pram!  However good sense prevailed and I just knew it would not be practical as we go nearly everywhere by car (we are surrounded by farms with not a path in sight).  

I'm really not sure who adores Belle's pink Silver Cross pram more!?


Have a lovely weekend everyone!