Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A tale of two breasts

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Pretty much sums up breastfeeding for me.

I had two very different experiences when it came to breastfeeding my two babies.  I wish I had the knowledge and laid back attitude with my first that I had with my second.

This week is National Breastfeeding Week and I can sympathise with all mums around the globe, whatever feeding method they chose for their baby. A happy mummy is a happy baby and that should always come first!

With Belle I did 7 days of exclusive breastfeeding and ran into a lot of problems so ended up mix feeding (bottle, breast and expressing, until at 3 months my milk supply went down and she was then exclusively formula fed).  With boo however I exclusively breastfed and I am still breastfeeding him at 9 months.

There is no denying the benefits of breastfeeding and it is sad to see Breastfeeding figures falling for new mothers 'attempting to breastfeed their newborns' in England.  For example I was amazed when myself, hubby and Belle all came down with a vicious sickness bug when Boo was only 2 months old.  He managed to escape it as I was able to feed him (in-between running for the sick bowl!).

I think there is a lot of negativity surrounding breastfeeding.  There is talk of being in the 'breastfeeding camp' or the 'formula feeding camp' and it is not necessary or necessarily true either.  I felt terrible guilt when I didn't exclusively breastfeed Belle but it was guilt from myself not from any outside party.  I also feel terribly proud that I was able to pull through the very hard times this time around and so I do 'promote' breastfeeding to friends as it has been such an amazing experience. But I also understand and support those who do not as I have been there too.

Belle and I have a bigger bond then I could have every imagined and I feel the same with Boo too.

So my advice would be to Breastfeed your little one but also relax and don't beat yourself up if you have problems and you know you tried your best!  Also I found my local La Leche League simply fantastic. They were so helpful, supportive and yet not pushy.

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  1. I had two very different experiences breastfeeding my two children, I breast fed my first absolutely fine for 3 months and then moved on to formula but I only managed 2 weeks breastfeeding my second because she just couldn't latch on properly :( I must admit I'm really sad that I couldn't breastfeed my daughter longer as she's my last baby and I really wanted to do it for the whole 6 months xx

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  2. Well done you for still breastfeeding....I struggled and gave up in the first month :(