Monday, 29 July 2013

A weaning great time!

I can not quite believe that we have gone through the whole weaning process again.  It seems two seconds since we were doing this with Belle.  I even wrote about it on this very blog.

We started Spike on solids a week before he was 6 months old.  Some people start sooner but the recommended age is 6 months and he was very happy on just milk until then so we decided to wait.  In true Mummy's Shoes household style he woofed down his first puree (Pear) and could not get enough!  We did a mixture of baby led weaning and puree. It is what we did for Belle too.

Big sister getting in on the weaning action

Rice crackers - A definite favourite snack...he would eat these all day long if I let him!

Corn on the cob - No teeth at this stage but that didn't stop him!

Aside from a few Ella's Kitchen Pouches (love those things, all natural ingredients) I stocked up the freezer with lots of home made purees.  I took a lot of the recipes from the same books I used with Belle...Annabel Karmel's Top 100 baby purees and the complete baby and toddler meal planner book.
We were sent a fantastic new weaning range from OXO tot to try out.  I can tell you the spoons and training cup are the best I have ever come across.  I was already a fan of OXO storage pots anyway so I had high hopes for this range and it didn't let me down.  

Above is Spike at 7 months old using his OXO sippy cup.  This cup is fantastic as it has three different stages and can be transformed into a training cup as well as a normal cup.

These baby food freezer blocks are great and have measurement markings on the sides

I find Spike a little more stressful then I did his sister, when it comes to feeding.  Belle would suck and gum all her food very well and she was quite delicate with her food.  Where-as Spike seems to like to jam his mouth full with as much food as is humanly possible.  This results in a LOT of gagging!  It took me a while to realise when he was choking and when it was just his gagging reflex (which is much further forward on babies then an adults is).  I still (he is now 10 months old) panic a few times a week and I am hoping he will get better now his two bottom teeth have come through or I may just go grey!

We have been very lucky with both of our babies as there is no food they have refused.  Spike will happily gnaw on a gherkin or a raw onion.  I think introducing these tastes early is a good thing.  Belle still loves so many foods and is a magnificent eater!

So all in all weaning went well.  I just hope Spike calms down on the choking soon so I can have more confidence in giving him large chunks of food.  Did anyone else have a baby like this?

Disclaimer:  We were sent the OXO items for the purpose of review however all opinions, words and photos are my own.


  1. Looks like one happy nourished (be it a few gags) boy . . .
    Keep on having happy days and times . . .

  2. Thanks for this review Carly. I was struggling to find a sippy cup that my little one could use. I ordered this once I read the review and it arrived today. She immediately took to it and drank herself!

  3. Introduce solid food to your baby is one of the essential steps in weaning process. I usually feed my baby with a mixture of rice by adding a pureed fruit or vegetable to it. When the baby is weaning from the breast, it can be quite tough to introduce sippy cup. Generally a sippy cup is offered to a baby when he is about five or six months old. In starting, it takes time for baby to get used to drinking out of it, but later he enjoys drinking through it.