Monday, 23 September 2013

Happy First Birthday Our Darling Boy

At the weekend we celebrated our little boy turning 1!

This year has really flown and so much has happened!  I'm not sure how he went from this...

To this...

We had a lovely day with family and friends popping in to see him.

We hadn't planned a party but a lot of people had said they wanted to see him so we told people to simply pop in whenever they want.

He is a very lucky boy.

He lasted all day without a nap and was passed from pillar to post, which he of course loved! All that in spite of having a horrible cold.

The toppers for his cake took far longer then they should have but it felt good making it all from scratch.

I also made a ruffle cake and will do a tutorial on this soon as it was good fun.

Button cupcakes for our little button...

Apr├Ęs blowing out the candles

Soapy Jopey we love you so so much.

You slotted into our family like a missing jigsaw piece and brought so much life and laughter.

You smile at everyone you meet and your giggle is contagious!

You and your sister have an amazing relationship, although she does like to hide your dummies, she loves you so much.  You watch her and try to copy her already. She reads you stories and she sure knows how to make you laugh!

When daddy comes home from work you charge up to the front door at such a speed, you light up his life!  You light up all our lives.

Happy First Birthday!