Monday, 20 January 2014

A Vintage Christmas

2014 is upon us and the Christmas festivities of 2013 are but a distant memory.

With a house move and lots of new things going on I have not blogged a lot, but I do keep my instagram up to date so please do pop along and follow me there, my username is MummysShoes.  It was a reader over there that made me want to post, she said she missed my blog posts.  It made me rather happy, I don't get many comments anymore (just tweets!!) but it would seem that is not a reflection on my readership. So thank you Kirsty for your comment :-)

So much has been going on but for now I will just share some pictures of the end of 2013 with you.  Our Christmas.  I hope you all had a lovely one and please do comment if you have time, even if it's just something you would like to see/hear about in future or simply introduce yourself.  It makes me smile :-)

Picking the tree!

A Vintage Shabby Chic Christmas Theme 
Or as Mr Y put it..."Why are there fairy wings and roses on the tree?"

Our little angel in her school nativity

The advent pixies!

Belle attended her first ever school disco and danced the night away!

Snowman and Snowdog Christmas Cake

'Twas the night before Christmas...

Opening their Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve

I received some rather gorgeous Emma Bridgewater!

 We spent a lovely Christmas Day at my parents house

To end the year we invited all of Belle's class over for a New Years Eve party! 
I needed a sit down afterwards!

A wonderful end to a wonderful year!


  1. Kids are adorable, they remind me of my two. They are very similar. Would love to see a new house tour. Love your shabby chic style.

  2. Your kids are adorable, remind me very much of my two. They are very similar. Would love to see a new house tour, love your shabby chic style.

    1. Hi Debbie. Thank you so much, a house tour will be on the agenda then :-) Aww I have just popped over to your blog...our kiddies really are similar! How sweet! Such a lovely relationship isn't it!

  3. I love seeing your post today. Your children are so adorable . . . I liked the picture of your angel daughter concentrating and her tongue peeking out just a bit. Happy New Year to each of you!

    1. Hi Lynne. Happy New Year to you too! Her concentration tongue frequently makes an appearance, especially at homework time :-) x

  4. It looks like you all had a lovely Christmas. I'm seriously jealous of your Emma Bridgewater! Lovely to see you back blogging, I've missed you. x

    1. Aww thanks Lucy. I have missed blogging I must admit. I am in need of a serious blog catch up over at yours too...I feel like I am in the loop but only because of Instagram, I do miss reading actual blog posts. My New Years resolution is to make time! xxx

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  6. Lovely post Carly (and about Christmas, my fave topic!)
    So pleased you're back blogging, I love your writing and those cute kiddies. Looking forward to reading any future posts and happy that I may have given you just a little bit of incentive to post again 😉 K x