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This started as a diary to document those first years of my little girls life.  I then went on to write articles to help other parents, used the blog to air my creative side and also to document those fun moments in life that are sometimes too easily forgotten.  I have worked with some amazing companies, brands, PRs and been given some opportunities that I never imagined.  I hope to share more charity work on here and the causes that are close to my heart in the near future.

A brief history...After university I worked in London's Covent Garden for a year where I found my true love; Soy Chai Latte from Starbucks!  I was then asked to move in with my 2nd true love (Mr Y) and the following 5 years brought me... The sale of my fashion company, marriage, a little princess who is now 4 years old and baby boo who is now 16 months old!

I am very much a pastel girl, loving pearls and diamonds. I adore vintage chic, retro, paisley and ditsy prints.  I am a creative person and this seems to manifest itself in fashion.  I love coffee shops and chatting with friends!  I love getting the giggles and not being able to stop, I love to dance!  This is my frivolous side.

I love my family more then the world, I am so blessed to have a little daughter (named Baby Belle in this blog) and a cheeky whirlwind of a son, they are the light of my life. I have an amazing husband and an amazing mum and dad.  Some days I get scared thinking I am not grateful enough for my life and then some nights I lie awake thinking one of them will be taken away from me because I do not have enough hardship, I can be a worrier.  My husband logically tells me no one is here forever. I give to charity regularly and this is an important part of my life.

I have faith

I adore Rumi

I am shy.  But I am confident.  I am quiet but once you know me I am loud.
Once I have a friend they are a friend for life, I am loyal to the core.

So there you have it...that is me wrapped up.

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